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Population and People

Following years of steady decline, the population of the Republic of Ireland rose again in the early 1990s to where it stands at approximately 4.3 million, the highest since the early 1880s. Most of the population is concentrated on the east coast and, to a lesser extent, the south-east coast. Dublin is the most populous urban region with over 1 million people in its greater metropolitan area. At a distant second and third are Cork and Galway, which has less than 100,000 people.

Considering the entire Island, Belfast would be the second most populated, with just over 500,000.Northern Ireland is 3 times more densely populated than the Republic of Ireland but the total population of the island of Ireland is no more than 6 million people.

Compare this to the 40 million citizens in the USA of Irish descent, the numerous New Zealanders and Australians claiming Irish heritage added to the Canadians and Argentinians not to mention the 5 million people of Irish descent in Britain of which 1 million are Irish born. It is no wonder then that there are 12 places called Dublin in the United States and 6 in Australia. However there can only be one dear, dirty Dublin.

Dublin has an ambivalent relationship with the rest of the country with the average Dubliner believing the only culture outside of the city is agriculture. Similarly there are those that argue there is more culture in yoghurt than in Dublin. Many people who reside outside “the pale” may occasionally begrudge Dublin’s big city ways. As a West of Ireland based company we have our own biases. But we encourage you, if you’re curious , to give Dublin a try and make up your own mind.

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