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Connemara is the Ireland of your dreams: lakes, mountains, pretty cottages, fast flowing streams and friendly people, a wild and wonderful place. The name Connemara was originally Conmaicnemara, or "the tribe of Cormac by the sea", given by the ancient Gaelic tribes. It was shortened in the 18th century, to Connemara , and more a state of mind than a place it refers to the mountainous region stretching from Killary Harbour to just above Galway City and from the western shore of Lough Corrib to the sea. The broad bogs, or peatlands, are extensively covered in purple moor grass thoughout the year and the ever-changing play of light with the skyscape and the expanse of peat is a joy to behold. Whether it is an escape from life or a hearty trip into the natural haven of Connemara or whether you are into more active pursuits such as painting, shooting, fishing or golfing, Connemara has it all.

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