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Todd Parker

It was the heady days of '97 when American-born Todd Parker first landed on Irish soil. After six weeks rambling through the West by bike he was hooked. Ireland's dramatic landscapes appealed to his photographic instincts. Nightly pub sessions fueled a keen appreciation for Irish traditional music. The numerous friendships he made along the way forged a lasting connection. Over several subsequent journeys his appreciation became more deep and nuanced.

These days Todd makes his home in Galway, a city with a thriving music scene and gateway to Ireland's wild western landscapes. His images of Irish landscapes have been featured in several gallery shows. While his accumulated wisdom has been frequently called upon assisting other travelers with their holiday plans. Todd launced Signpost Tours to share the places and experiences that first attracted him to Ireland. He has organized and led several activity tours and served as staff on the Irish Way cultural exchange program.

When not working, Todd makes frequent escapes to explore Ireland's coasts, mountains and bogs. Todd still embarks on annual cycling tours through the rural West and has cultivated extensive knowledge of logistics, routes, and roadside attractions. He credits the wildness of Ireland's links courses for his renewed interest in the sport of golf.

Todd Parker
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Signpost Director, Todd Parker
Top Image: Todd Parker traveses the Black Valley by bike, Killarney National Park, Kerry. Bottom Left: From a pub patio in Roundstone, Todd savors a late afternoon stout while imbibing the alpenglow on the Twelve Bens mountains of Connemara. Bottom Right: Todd capturing the beauty of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington. credits: self, Ray Wrigley, Lisa Fox