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About Signpost

Meet Our Interns

This summer Signpost Tours was fortunate to have four interns contributing to the company's evolution. Brittany Degres, Maggie Oldham and Kate Treder came to us by way of Saint Mary's College in South Bend, IN and Mana Sakaguchi from Northeastern University in Boston.

Aside from contributing abundant enthusiasm for things Irish, each worked on a range of tasks related to marketing and web development. Mana Sakaguchi worked closely with Declan Somers, assisting in translating the site into Japanese, also contributed her skills in photography and graphic design. Brittany Degres, Maggie Oldham, and Kate Treder worked extensively on developing and implementing a marketing plan for Signpost's Student Tours, a continuation of a project embarked upon Spring '06 as part of Notre Dame's Student International Business Council.

Aside from gaining vital business experience, the girls adored in the Galway, thriving in its legendary cultural offerings. They also took frequent forays into the countryside to Croagh Patrick, the Aran Islands, Connemara, Clare, Dublin, Mayo and Cork. During the coming academic year the girls will continue promoting Signpost Tours and serving as ambassadors for all things Irish.

The girls were in no hurry to return to the States and certainly will be sorely missed.



Signpost's Interns recommend the folowing Activities
Hillwalking in Connemara
Pubs with "trad" music and late night bars
Mountain biking the Aran Islands
Donning wellies and wading through bogs.
Browsing Galway's Saturday Market
Visiting the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren
Adopting Irish slang such as "craic" and "chattin' up"