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Declan Burke

Rural Galway native Declan Burke has spread his wings like many an intrepid Irishman before him. Like any intrepid Irishman, he has traveled the world over from Sydney to Sumatra, Katmandu to Fiji and crossed the Atlantic more times than he cares to recall. He worked summers in Cape Cod while studying at the National University of Galway and more recently as a Chemistry/Physics teacher in NJ. During this time he has cultivated a strong affinity for the States and the people he meets along the way. The Northeast has become something of a second home, though his heart has never strays too far from his native Ireland.

Declan is an avid golfer and has played extensively in the States and Ireland. He has come to understand what the real golfer wants from an outing, an enjoyable battle with the course and all elements it throws at you. The real golfer then wants to sit down with his friends and recall the injustices of the day over a well deserved brew of ëbarley waterí. He has also worked with students, teaching and organizing tours. He has led tours in Ireland, Germany and the US through his involvement with young people. This included working with the Irish Cultural Institute in their summer program.

Declan has a strong sense of pride in his West of Ireland roots and relishes the chance to share the place with guests. As co-director of Signpost tours, he offers a new and exciting insight into the Ireland of today while holding on to the charms of yesterday.

Declan Burke
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Signpost Director, Declan Burke