Macnas performs at Galway Arts Festival   ęTodd Parker

Ireland's Living Culture


A common pitfall among travelers to Ireland is that they follow the prevailing route and see the “must see” sites. And when they leave, impressed with the scenery and having had a good time, they often have a sense of wanting more. In their quest to see everything they fell short of what really matters: of getting to know the land and its people on an intimate level. Far from the droning coach engines and paddy-whackery, we strive to deliver simple, authentic cultural experiences.

Our living culture section will be a repository of ideas on how visitors can break through the veneer of tourism to experience the real Ireland. At Signpost Tours we celebrate Irish Culture in all its forms. Whether it's a visit to an organic dairy farm in the midlands, where you sample the freshest of fresh produce and get caught up on a food revolution that’s sweeping the nation, or an overnight stay in delicately restored prefamine cottage in the bogland of Connemara, where local musicians drop in for a fireside session. We will endeavor to bring it to you.

Living Culture
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