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Ireland is rightly promoted abroad as ‘The Food Island’ for its abundance of fresh, organic produce, be that vegetables, dairy products or meats. Food, unlike artefacts , however, consist of the ephemeral blend of taste and texture and it is quite hard to know accurately what the Irish cuisine of the past was like.

To some Irish cuisine belongs solely in the realm of Lamb Irish Stew, Lamb’s Liver & Bacon, Shepherd’s Pie or the fearsome yet tasty dish of Tripe & Drisheen but where then does modern Irish cuisine fit in? Certainly with a torrid history of poverty and famine, Irish cuisine historically has none of the conventions of our European neighbours in France or Italy but is based on authenticity, regionality, rootedness, respect and retro-innovation and a new food chapter is currently being added. All over the country organic farmers, chefs, food artisans and discerning foodies are adding to the idea of what Irish cuisine is and we at Signpost Tours want you to be able to experience this food revolution first-hand.

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