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Farmers' Market


Ireland has long been a country where markets and fair days have provided the backbone of the rural and urban economy. Though times have changed and few people are reliant on the ‘egg money’ they might have earned at the weekly market, in more affluent recent years there has been a resurgence in farmer’s markets and fairs. Blessed with a climate and a landscape that provides fresh, local food in abundance, the green economy of Ireland is still well, alive and kicking. Unlike the larger supermarkets in the cities, the markets provide a welcome new social perspective for vendors and customers alike and for those who love to taste and see the local produce, are a must. Seasonal Jams, dirty carrots, mountains, goat and sheep’s cheese and apple tarts all add to the colour at the markets, and add to the sense of community engendered by these events as people stay in their localities and local economies are revived. Below is an introduction to a sample of the 100+  farmers’markets  being held all over the island.

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