All smiles at the Macnas parade, the showcase event to the Galway Arts Festival   Todd Parker



Festivals are a major aspect of Irish culture and take place annually in nearly every Irish town.  Festivals are intended to celebrated many areas of Irish culture, most specifically the arts with an emphasis on traditional Irish music and dance.  Festivals last anywhere from a few days to two weeks and activities start in the morning and go all day and into the night.  Festivals offer a wide array of unique activities in which people can observe as well as participate. 

Enjoyment is guaranteed for all ages and tastes.  Many times festivals are a time for serious partying as well, as the festivals’ music and dancing overflows out of official venues and into surrounding streets and pubs.  Many festivals draw a diverse and international crowd, with each festival’s unique theme.  Overall, festivals are a time for lively entertainment and great craic.
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